You can lift and shape your breasts without the risk, expense or recovery time of major surgery. A minimally invasive cosmetic procedure allows you to recover faster and more comfortably. THERMItight Breast is an in-office procedure to lift and tighten the breasts.

Healthy Woman, the office of Dr. Felipe Garcia-Ghinis, now offers THERMItight Breast as part of our aesthetic services. Dr. Garcia-Ghinis is a board-certified physician providing care for women of all ages, centrally located in San Antonio.

Be kind to yourself – and your body – with a non-surgical breast lift.

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THERMItight Breast is a non-surgical, subdermal cosmetic procedure. It applies gentle, temperature controlled radiofrequency energy below the skin to stimulate collagen production for tighter, more contoured skin, and to lift the area treated.

The in-office procedure is 90 to 120 minutes. It is a single-session treatment. Afterwards, plan to rest for 12 hours and engage in mild activity for the next few days. Wear a compression garment (like a sports bra) for approximately 72 hours. Clinical results are visible immediately; breasts will continue to improve for 6 to 12 months after treatment.
The physician places a very fine cannula under the skin in the treatment area. It delivers radio-frequency energy to stimulate tissue. Thermal imaging provides guidance and continual feedback regarding the treatment area. Therapeutic benefits such as toning and tightening result when the device warms tissue to above our normal body temperature.
Your initial consultation is $75, and that fee is credited toward your procedure. One THERMItight Breast session is $3,500, thousands less than traditional breast enhancement surgery. Ask about our referral program.

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